VELANTE Officiale becomes an ally of the environment reinventing the manufacturing process

VELANTE Officiale becomes an ally of the environment reinventing the manufacturing process

After only two years of the launch of the first product, VELANTE Officiale becomes the market leader in terms of phone cases and exotic leather accessories, thus reinventing the conception of  creating them by adding personal value to each product through the   possibility of free embossing with the names, initials or zodiac signs of the customers.  The exclusive models, artistically combined colors, large variety, unique and the original design quickly positioned the brand in the top of the preferences of luxury lovers.

The ascent was possible only by respecting the two basic concepts of the brand, concepts transformed by the team at the level of faith and drawn as follows: creating a superior product in terms of quality and the impact that the whole process has on the environment.

VELANTE Officiale has allocated considerable resources in the field of research and case study in order to maintain the same high standards in terms of product quality, and at the same time to have a small impact on the environment.  Given the fact that the use and wear of a phone case are much higher in comparison to other natural leather products, the process for their manufacture is much more complex, as the raw material goes through  several subsequent stages of treatment, tanning and painting.

Both for us and for our collaborators, it was a real challenge to find a sustainable option that would allow us to maintain an affordable price. Starting this year, in order for the VELANTE phone case to become greener", but to remain at the same high level of quality, we will focus on two priority areas to support the environment by implementing the following measures:

- Reducing carbon emissions and the sustainable use of water resources by considerably reducing the distance in terms of transporting the raw material as well as the means of  transport chosen, and at the same time the selection of collaborators (painters and factories) who adopt work techniques that are as less invasive as possible for the environment.

- Extending the life of the products by raising the quality standard, thus choosing materials resistant to factors such as sebum, make-up products, lotions, oils, etc.

- Mirela Dumitru, Executive Director of VELANTE Officiale

Now, in the greener version, VELANTE Officiale keeps its promise to its customers, offering them products created to the highest standards, having elegance as the final touch.