The Velante Officiale product acquired by you is made from a thorough selection of the most refined materials by experienced artisans in skin processing.

It was created according to the highest standards of quality and expertise, which are true benchmarks of our brand. Your product

 is very precious to us and deserves the same care and attention from you every day. Taking these into account, and with a few simple precautions, you can enjoy your product Velante Officiale for the next few years.

To keep the Velante Officiale product good-looking as the years go by, it is better to rotate its use periodically. This will allow the product adequate time to rest, as frequent, uninterrupted wear and excessive wear may cause the materials to decompose in a premature manner.

Skin and canvas are best kept away from items such as water, oil, perfume, direct heat and light, humidity or environments that are too hot or too cold. Prolonged exposure to such items may cause unwanted damage or premature wear. When the product comes into contact with water, immediately wipe with a soft cloth to avoid saturation.

Repeated contact with hard surfaces (floors, carpets, walls) can cause scratches, chopping on corners or in areas with the greatest wear. Prolonged contact with dark or highly pigmented materials may transfer to the surface of the skin or cloth product. It is best to limit exposure to such surfaces and materials to preserve the original appearance of your product.

Throughout the life of your product, you can notice a softening of the silhouette and a natural patina. This development, together with the presence of natural aspects such as natural brands, wrinkles and veins are anticipated and serve as proof of the uniqueness and authenticity of our products. Every impression that leaves a lasting memory to be cherished forever.

In the case of leather covers, when you do not use the product, to preserve the quality of the skin and the purchased item, it is best to store it on the velvet surface in the box received at purchase, in a ventilated area but not close to the heat source, because it has a drying effect on the materials.

In the case of leather accessories, to preserve the shape of your product, it should not be packed. When the product is not in use, it is best to store it in the velvet bag received for purchase in a ventilated area. It is not recommended to store in boxes or sources close to heat, as it has a drying effect on materials.

This natural skin made of calfskin, python or crocodile has as its feature its transparency, which reveals natural markings such as veins and wrinkles, proving that it has not been treated. This delicate, easy-to-scratch skin will develop a shade patina, unique to each product, as well as a larger suppleness over time. This patina, together with the wear and tear acquired through use, is proof of the authenticity and journey of the product with the owner.

If this skin meets water, immediately wipe with a lint-free absorbent cloth. Cleaning with solvents or chemicals is not recommended. Household remedies should be avoided at all costs to darken the skin, such as walnut oil, saddle soap, skin lotions or substances of any kind. If the skin becomes stained before the patina develops, do not try to clean it. Let it get dark and the stains will fade through the color. These chemicals can compromise the quality and integrity of the skin as it behaves over time.