New GREEN choices offered by VELANTE Sport

In changing times and for a more sustainable living, the VELANTE Group introduced VELANTE Sport in the summer of 2023, a new brand addressed and adapted to the new conscious generation, for a greener present and future. 

As a first step towards sustainability, since the launch of the new brand, VELANTE Sport has introduced the CHOOSE YOUR #AESTHETIC collection, made exclusively from recycled plastic in compliance with GRS (Global Recycled Standard).



The harmful use of plastic has been around in production for decades, and as a response, the VELANTE Group has introduced to the market a more responsible alternative to this indispensable material in the production of phone accessories, keeping the aesthetic characteristics in trend.

What were the results?

  1. Considerably reducing the dependence on fossil fuels, especially oil for production purposes.
  2. Reducing the use of natural resources, giving a new life to the already existing recyclable options.
  3. Choosing a more energy-efficient production process.
  4. Reducing pollution.

With a newer, more sustainable manufacturing process, the VELANTE products have kept the same high-quality standards, and the versatility of the models – in fact, the new sustainable materials chosen, and the more responsible manufacturing process offer unlimited possibilities for customization, which will be uncovered in the first half of 2024.



The VELANTE Group’s promise to explore sustainable alternatives to the implemented products remains a priority, and as a result, VELANTE Sport presents today a new ecological alternative to the indispensable accessory we use every day: a phone case made of biodegradable fiber.


Using new innovative raw material production techniques, VELANTE managed to create the first biodegradable case in the history of the group, available in 4 signature colours - Black, Green, Pink and Ultramarine.

The effects of this biodegradable collection on the environment:

  • Less carbon emissions.
    VELANTE’s biodegradable material is a natural fiber made of wood, bamboo and wheat, its production process producing up to 500% less carbon emissions than traditional plastic.
  • Less pollution.
    The products’ materials go through their natural decomposition process, without any chemical intervention, leaving no traces or toxins behind.
  • Non-toxicity.
    In the process of decomposition, the biodegradable fiber is absorbed by the soil, without the emission of harmful toxins.
  • Diminishing the use of oil in the manufacturing process.
    The processing of biodegradable material from the new VELANTE Sport collection requires much less fuel than traditional methods.

Not only that, and apart from a more responsible manufacturing, VELANTE Sport offers eco-friendly packaging for all products in its portfolio, respecting the group's responsible promise to minimize carbon footprints.