VELANTE pays special attention to the creation and manufacturing processes, ensuring that all products meet the highest standards of quality and expertise.

Your product is very precious to us and deserves the same care and attention from you every day.

However, signs of wear may appear over time following use. Read the guide below to learn how you can extend the lifespan of your VELANTE creation.

VELANTE Leather Creations

In the case of natural leather phone cases, we recommend periodically changing them to avoid excessive wear. If you desire a case that you can use in your everyday life, we recommend the Rubber series, designed specifically for those who do not appreciate patina, or a darker color from any other collections.

Keep in mind that the phone case is the most prone to wear, as it comes into contact with various factors (sebum, oils, hand sweat, body lotions, makeup products, water, humidity, light, dust, alcohol-based solvents, etc.) more than any other leather item (bags, shoes, etc.). Thus, when choosing the color of your VELANTE case, consider the time and conditions of wear.


Patina is what forms on natural materials such as leather, wood, denim, canvas, metal, and stone, representing a hallmark of the use of high-quality materials. Following wear and exposure to various factors, your VELANTE creation can develop a sheen, an antique look that tells its story.

Leather is an organic material that absorbs everything around it. Even the rubbing from your fingers or the way you put credit cards in your wallet contributes to its unique character and, consequently, its patina. Lighter colored leather will darken more dramatically, while darker leather can develop a subtle patina. Deep scratches or marks from impacts will smooth out and fade gradually.


VELANTE jewelry, including the VLogo of the leather products from the VAULT edition, is crafted from 14K yellow, rose, or white gold, marked in accordance with the current legislative framework, featuring:

  • the VELANTE signature
  • the hallmark for 14K gold
  • the mark of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC)

For proper maintenance, please consult the list of recommendations below:

  • Do not subject diamond or cultured pearl jewelry (including accessories for phone cases) to mechanical shocks.
  • Keep jewelry in VELANTE boxes or other designated jewelry boxes.
  • Do not wear jewelry during household, physical activities, or during massage sessions.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals, as gold can erode upon contact with them.
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, skin creams, hair spray/similar, chlorine, or sulfur.

For VELANTE Sport products, the cases made of plastic are prone to yellowing and/or scratches, with their wear being significantly influenced by the way they are used and cared for. Despite efforts to ensure the longest possible lifespan for the product, under extreme conditions, these are characteristics specific to the material.

However, due to the premium materials used in the manufacture of VELANTE Sport products, their wear will occur much later compared to other similar products.


VELANTE Sport t-shirts come with specific usage instructions, mentioned on the product page and available below in this article:

  • Do not use powder detergents. Only liquid detergents are recommended.
  • Wash by hand or in a washing machine, using temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not use bleach, chemicals, or solvents.
  • Iron only on the reverse side.