Founded in 2019, VELANTE is a brand that produces luxury phone cases and accessories made from calf leather or exotic leather (python, crocodile).


At the heart of VELANTE lies a commitment to unparalleled quality, blending the timeless art of Italian leather with the modern aesthetics of design. Each creation is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who take pride in their dedication to precision and perfection.

VELANTE's art extends beyond functionality, it encapsulates a refined and elegant lifestyle. From flawlessly embossed patterns to precision finishes on ports and buttons, each VELANTE creation represents a harmony between functionality and elegance.

VELANTE transforms everyday accessories into true luxury statements, embracing the essence of savoir-faire for those who accept nothing less than the extraordinary.


VELANTE embraces not just its core line, but also extends its influence through VELANTE Sport, a distinctive sub-brand.

Just like VELANTE's commitment to luxury and quality, the sub-brand offers premium phone cases with colorful and contemporary designs, creating a universe where #YouMakeTheRules.