About us

Velante Officiale is the definition of luxury in terms of leather phone cases and accessories, the essentials you need every day. The brand focuses around the small design elements that make the difference. Each product is made of 100% geniune leather of the highest quality, carefully selected from our suppliers in France and Indonesia. The Velante Officiale products are created by international designers and crafted by skilled artisans, impeccably finished, with the utmost attention to detail. The refined, modern look ensures the timelessness of the products that complement the personal style of those who wear them. The refinement never goes out of fashion, nor the simplicity studied! Thus, Velante Officiale aims to create collections centered on luxurious textures, fine to the touch, elegant colors and perfect functionality. The Velante Officiale signature element is never missing – green velvet is a clear sign of distinction and refinement. The Velante phone cases connect your devices to a world of elegance and integrate them into your lifestyle. Top quality leather accessories are essential every day, and the collection includes classic wallets, as well as models for passport or phone, card holders and trinkets that combine elegance and functionality, making them indispensable or turning into a stylish gift. Add your personal signature on the Velante Officiale item you purchased by customizing it! The embossment process with gold or silver folio, depending on your desire, is done manually, based on the uniqueness of each product, for an added sophistication and memorability. From now on, Velante Officiale is your #personalluxury!