Leather Care

Your VELANTE Officiale product is made from a thorough selection of the most refined materials by experienced artisans in leather processing.

It was created according to the highest standards of quality and expertise, which are true benchmarks of our brand. Your product is very precious to us and deserves the same care and attention from you every day. 

Yet, like any other leather product, it can develop patina in time.



 Patina is what is formed on natural materials such as leather, wood, denim, canvas, metal and stone, representing a signature of the use of high-quality materials.

As a result of the exposure to various factors, your VELANTE Officiale product can create a luster, an ancient look that tells his story.

Why do people prefer the leather patina?
There are 3 main reasons why the leather patina is so sought after:

  • It is as unique as the posesor
  • It looks better with age
  • It is a hallmark of high-quality materials


Unique as you are 

For every VELANTE Officiale product that we make, there will not be any identical one. Even more so, after it gets into someone's hands.

Each leather phone case, wallet, keychain will develop patina and will be as unique as the person who wears them. The darker the patina, the richer the story.

In other words: every leather item has its own story to tell.

The character and personality formed on the leather goods are like a unique property stamp for every owner. For example, every passport wallet will tell about its travels, with every wrinkle formed through opening and closing.

The true beauty of owning leather goods is that you will begin to see yourself reflected more and more in it in time, watching it become a part of you.


It looks better with age

How many things do you have that get better with age?

Leather is almost alive. It shows its age just like us.

In terms of leather phone cases, we recommend changing them periodically, avoiding  excessive wear. If you want a case to wear in everyday life, we recommend the Rubber   series,  designed for those who do not appreciate patina, or a darker color from any other collections.

Take into consideration that the phone case is the most prone item to patina, as it gets into contact with various factors (sebum, oils, sweat of the hands, body lotions, makeup  products, water, moisture, light, dust, etc.) more than any other leather item (bags,  shoes, etc.).  Thus, when you choose the colour of your VELANTE Officiale phone case, take into consideration the time and conditions of wearing it.

Leather is an organic material that absorbs everything around it. Even the rubbing of your fingers or the way you put your credit cards in your wallet shapes its unique character  and, implicitly, the patina. Light coloured leather will darken more dramatically, while the darker colours may develop a more subtle patina. Deep scratches will smooth out and slowly fade.

Embrace the way you live your life with your leather goods!


I love genuine leather products! The marks on my item are like a souvenir from the past.

- Maria S.


Will the patina affect the durability or the quality of the leather?

The leather patina does not have an impact on the longevity or strength. If anything, it only increases the beauty and value of the product.

I feel so nostalgic when I see the scratches on my Macbook case. They remind me of my trip to Greece.

- Alexandru R.


An Endless Journey

The patina can look different on any type of leather products. It is as unique as the person who wears it and tells a story about their life.

The common thread between all leather products is that they become more special with age and that no two are alike. It is a feature that is highly sought after by people who appreciate high-quality leather products.

The leather patina does not have a destination or a purpose. It is meant to represent an experience that continues to evolve with its owner.