About Us

Our Story

VELANTE Officiale was established in November 2019, starting as a luxurious phone cases & accessories brand, willing to fulfill a refined lifestyle with premium phone cases and small leather goods everybody uses day-to-day.

The concept behind our products goes hand in hand with the brand's ultra-premium products made out of genuine calfskin, python leather, or crocodile leather.

Meant to fulfill an exclusive lifestyle, the products under the VELANTE Officiale signature are distinguished by their impeccable finishes.

The phone cases' interior is covered in green velvet with the stamped logo, representing a non-copy secure detail that contributes to the flawless quality of the product.

Our Evolution

As people loved having an affordable product that could boost up their image, the products quickly made their way into the upper class. Either entrepreneurs, celebrities or fresh content creators, they all chose VELANTE Officiale as their luxurious signature. In February 2022, VELANTE introduced an exquisite collection of exotic leather bags, belts and jackets that fulfill the customers’ exigent criterias.

VELANTE Gioielleria

Honouring the three-year anniversary, VELANTE Officiale introduced a collection of exquisite 14K gold jewelry to celebrate the #PersonalLuxury lovers. Find the collection here.


Revolutionizing the phone case industry once again, VELANTE has launched the VELANTE Sport sub-label under the #EffortlessLuxury hashtag in the summer of 2023, coming to meet the versatile needs of the market with premium materials, a sustainable ethic, premium protection and affordable prices.